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Explore Vinyl Graphics For Walls, Stairs, Storefronts, Windows & More

Have you done your research on vinyl wraps and discovered how amazing and versatile they are? In fact, one of the greatest perks of a vinyl wrap is the ability you have to customize colors, graphics and textures, and for more than just vehicle wraps! Vinyl Films can be applied to several types of surfaces, including cars, boats, walls, windows, stairs, toolboxes, stadiums and more! If you’re out and about and see colorful graphic art, we’d say there’s a very likely chance it is vinyl customized with desired images and graphics.


The team at Supreme Wraps Florida, offers the very best in graphic design and vinyl wrap installation. We can work with existing graphics or design custom graphics, color schemes and the overall appearance you are anticipating for your project.  From start to finish, our professional graphic artists and certified installers take your vision and produce the results you are after. 


Your Custom Graphics to Vinyl

Fitting your custom design or any graphic design to vinyl film is just part of the process. In fact, to ensure a high quality job there are a number of key factors to focus on.  Supreme Wrap technicians know what it takes to implement and achieve the highest quality graphic wraps in Orlando, and throughout Florida.  

Our graphic artists know that each surface differs and must be thought of in the process of design. Whether its a flat wall we are applying vinyl on, or a vehicle, there are all kinds of curves, angles, and space sizes to keep in mind. It really is important to have an artist that has experience working with vinyl films and graphics. Couple that with the right tools, materials and templates like and you have the recipe for a high end vinyl wrap designed to perfection.

The statement “you get what you pay for” has never been more true when it comes to vinyl films.  High quality materials provide better wraps with longer durability, sustainability, an overall better fit, installation and appearance.  We use certified 3M products that set and maintain the high quality standards that we stand by. 

Just like the type of films and materials used matter, so does the actual transfer & printing of the design on your wrap.  With state of the art equipment, inks and printers, we ensure that all of our vinyl graphic wraps are produced with quality, precision and a keen eye to detail.

Believe it or not even the prep stage is an important part of maintaining and achieving the overall fit of your graphics to your project…. whether it be a wall or a fleet of commercial vehicles. Every step counts when it comes to proper preparation.  With vehicles this begins with washing the auto, to drying, and taking in account every crack, crevice, fender, weather trim, etc. 

While all of the above mentioned are essential in producing a great graphics wrap, installation is just as important and a huge facto in quality. Having certified, experienced and professional installers ensures for an seamless installation process. Once the vinyl wrap is applied, our experienced technicians need to ensure the trimming process is properly completed. Excess material is trimmed, removed, folded and tucked with great skill. The trimming process ensures that the wrap has no outer edges that can lift or cause air bubbles, etc. to be trapped under the film or create any type of flaw in the over all wrap job.

Our team prides ourselves on what we do. We guarantee the use of quality products, professional graphic designs, prep, and reputable, certified installers.  We strive for excellence with every project we engage in, walls, kids room or vehicles.

Have questions or a custom design you are looking to bring your project to life?  Give us a call today and we would love to start bringing your vision to life.

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