Vinyl Wrap Care

Post wrap care

At Supreme Wraps we want to make sure that our clients not only love their newly wrapped vehicle, but also know how to care for their car after it’s been wrapped.  Below are car care questions and suggestions from us.

You can wash your car once or twice a week, depending on the amount of daily driving you do.

We sell a few cleaning products that are designed specifically for vehicle wraps.  You can also use a gentle automotive detergent or baby shampoo so long as their formulas are chemical free or very mild.  Be sure to use a soft sponge when cleaning and microfiber towels for drying.

You can take your car to an automated BRUSHLESS car wash, though hand washing will always be a better option. Most of the drive through car washes have brushes that are rarely replaced.  These brushes are very rough on the film and may cause the vinyl to degrade or cause the edges to peel and lift.

Use Isopropyl rubbing alcohol and a clean microfiber towel to clean isolated stains. After using the alcohol, rinse the area with cool water.

Pressure washing is not recommended, however if you want to use a pressure washer, keep it in low psi and use a wide spray nozzle angle. Also, make sure you are at least a foot away from the vehicle.

Bird droppings can stain the vinyl, so be sure to clean them immediately.  If you let them sit for too long, they will become really hard to remove, possibly even damaging the wrap permanently. Once again, rubbing alcohol will be your go-to supply for these types of difficult stains. Do not use any solvents or oil-based cleaning products (this includes Goo Be Gone and Goof Off).

Wipe off fuel spills immediately, and then hand wash the area. If you let the spills sit for too long, they may stain or permanently damage the wrap.